Компания Benkons Supplies — Food Service

Компания Benkons Supplies — Food Service

Benkons Supplies is one of the largest groups of companies "Gilan Holding" - the participant. Investing In Azerbaijan Since 1992 . ( The company has long recognised the importance of optimising the diversification of Azerbaijan's economy to ensure that it becomes a major player on the world stage. Headquartered in Baku, Gilan Holding embraces the new – the company places great emphasis on sourcing the latest technologies and streamlining the manufacturing process. Gilan operates across three main business sectors: Construction, Tourism and Industries,Supplying .The company is also kick-starting the nation's sporting progression by investing heavily in sports clubs, stadia and facilities. Gilan Holding has also established an international affiliates programme, which brings mutual benefit to both the company and its partners. - How our company is structured Benkons Supplies Executive Director Mr. Nurlan Aliyev Finance Department HR Department Marketing & advertising Department Sales Department Procurement Office Reception Warehouses Department Food Safety and Health Forwarding Delivery Department - Products you import and distribute Today "Benkons Supplies " company means high quality foodstuff afrom the best European food factories . We are distribute "Pinguin" They are a pioneer and a market leader in healthy food products. For 50 years already, we have been processing a wide range of freshly harvested vegetables and fruit into fresh frozen products (vegetables, herbs, fruit and culinary preparations based of vegetables) for retail, foodservice and the industry. We are distribute "Ali.Com. Srl " from Italy . "Ali.Com. Srl " was born at the beginning of the 90’s in the Mediterranean area of Southern Italy, in a farming district, which thanks to its favourable weather conditions, gained high standards of productivity. We are distribute " ZANETTI S.P.A. - LALLIO" . " ZANETTI S.P.A. - LALLIO" every day by investing in the territory, local suppliers of milk in 100% Italian, infrastructure and technology, respect for tradition and safety standards, in control of all production phases. We are distribute «Солнечныепродукты» . «Солнечныепродукты» - vertically integrated holding - a key asset of the group of companies "Bouquet". Holding one of the three leaders of the fats and oils market in Russia. Today, "Solar Products" in second place in Russia in terms of processing and production of sunflower margarine products are one of the leading manufacturers of mayonnaise and the largest CIS producer of soap. From Russian we working "Miratorg Agribusiness Holding" and we are distribute. 2015 Miratorg Agribusiness Holding joined the ranks of 199 strategic companies approved by the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation (minutes of meeting of the Government Committee on economic development and integration dated February 5, 2015, № 1). We are distribute " Seafood Line A/S" .Seafoodline is a well-established trading company with much experience in the seafood industry. The company was founded in 2007 and has offices in Denmark, Russia and representatives in Ukraine and Germany. We are distribute "Helvacızade Group of Companies" produced in our Zade Vegetable Oil Refining Facilities equipped with the most advanced technologies . We are distribute Molini Pivetti S.p.A. – production of flours and semi-processed products and also we are working with We are distribute " ROJ LTD " We are distribute / "Sump & Stammer" / We are distribute " Chef Middle East " / " We are distribute Germany company "Rud. Kanzow" - Fish Importers since 1890. We are distribute "Seaborn " - Our fish farmers are located in 46 locations along the coast of Western Norway and in the Lofoten islands. " Hungca " , We are distribute French company "Elle & Vire'' - You will find Elle & Vire dairy products in more than 120 countries.We are distribute Italian company "CONSERVE ALIMENTARI FUTURAGRI S.C.A.P.A." and " De Cecco "- group that can claim a revenue of over 220 million euro . And others barns ..... Brief Company Profile •HORECA business. We have in Azerbaijan our 16 Hotels and 10 Restaurant We Supplying and other hotels and restaurant in Azerbaijan like Hilton, Fairmont ,Jumehrah, For season, Jw Marriot, Sheraton, Skills and others •Catering and Supermarket •Top quality products form the best World suppliers, as well as tying local products for HORECA Catering and Supermarket Name of retail chains in Baku Grand Supermarket / Bazar Store / Rahat supermarkets / Neptun Supermarkets / Araz Supermarkets / Favorit Supermarkets / Makro Supermarkets / Number One Supermarkets / and others.........
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Elnur Abadov İsrail
  Purchasing and Logistic manager
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