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Grupo Vidinha is a company founded in 1945 that is dedicated to the processing and Trade of fishing products. With headquarters in Madeira island, that also operates in the islands of Azores , in the mainland of Portugal, and Africa. Our company takes the fish from our own boats, buys the fish directly from other fishing boats and at the official auctions of Portugal, following the whole track since the unloading of the boats till the fish arrive to our facilities to ensure all traceability and the quality of all products. We own two state of the art factories located on the Portuguese Islands with more than 3000 m2 were all the fish is processed either in fresh, frozen whole or cut. With this philosophy of maximum quality of service and product we have been present in the main national operators in the retail sector. This contact follows our internationalization strategy given our long experience in exporting to the wholesale market in the European Union, North America, Middle East and Eastern Asia - supplying directly from the source of production to the market. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that our company operates in all Portuguese auctions, which helps us control what is marketed nationally and makes Grupo Vidinha the largest national exporter of tuna with a market share higher than70% of the tuna traded in the last 5 years, we are also one of the main players in the market in Black Scabbard fish. This scenario translates into over 3500 tons / year of Tuna and about 1500tons / year of Black Scabbard fish, which proves and strengthens our supply capacity – Enclosed we send you the company presentation. The diversity of more than 100 species we also believe to be an asset for a growing market such as fish consumption, our Idea is to understand the legal demands of your market so we can scan for business and identify the type of partnership that would be interesting to develop in the Eastern European market. www.vidinha.pt


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